Preparing Your Property

There are many reasons why we decide to let a property.  If the property has been your main home, or been inherited the decision to allow someone else to live there may be a difficult and emotional one.


Whatever your situation my main aim is to ensure the transition is a smooth one.


I have provided a guide which I believe removes much of the stress, surprises and uncertainty in leasing your property out.  I have also outlined areas of responsibility of which you may or may not be aware of.  Good communication is a key factor and with that in mind my aim is to provide you with as much knowledge/information as possible, therefore creating realistic expectations, avoiding unexpected surprises later & enhancing your experience as a Property Investor.


The key to attracting a good long term tenant is to have your property clean and functional when your tenant moves in.  Long term tenants mean less wear & tear to your property and money saved in re-letting fees and vacant periods. 


* Grounds & Gardens - ensure that lawns are mowed & edged with no weeds

* House interior - thoroughly cleaned, windows, tracks, floors, walls, wet areas etc

* Keys & Remotes - a key is to be provided for all locks in the property, windows, internal & external doors.  Remotes for all electronic doors and heating/cooling units

* Exhausts & Filters - clean all exhaust fans and air conditioning filters

* Lights & switches - all to be clean and working with bulbs in place

* Pool - cleaned with sufficient equipment provided to maintain the health of the pool.  I strongly recommend that monthly pool maintenance is put into place. **Pool must comply with current SA Pool Laws**

* Smoke Alarms - To be cleaned and tested as working and compliant with current SA Laws.

* Gas heaters - and combustion heaters to be serviced annually

* Manuals - where possible manuals are to be provided for all appliances


Most importantly if something is broken or torn such as screens these will need to be replaced and or repaired.


And most importantly of all ensure you have adequeate Landlords Insurance


Please feel free to call or email me for a copy of my "Landlords Handbook"